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Electro Sonic Pest Repeller

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The ‘switched on’ way to a pest-free home & workplace

Repels rodents, cockroaches, even possums!


Eliminate pests from your home and workplace the safe and smart way, and say goodbye to chemical sprays, baits, and traps forever with our Electro Sonic Pest Repeller. It emits three completely safe and effective technologies that work over a large area, and all you need to do is plug it in to a central power point.


Electromagnetic Waves piggyback on the wiring behind walls, floors, and ceilings, disturbing the environment where pests normally nest. It works silently 24/7 and won’t interfere with appliances or electronics.


Ultrasonic Sound emits from the piezo speaker, bouncing off walls and hard surfaces of internal spaces. This attacks their hearing, creating an uncomfortable environment for them, and it’s completely inaudible to humans and pets.


Ionic function emits negative ions that clean the air to eliminate the everyday smells and odours that attract pests into your environment. This is particularly effective in the kitchen.


All three technologies work together to safely chase pests away without polluting your home or workplace with toxic chemical sprays and expensive traps.


There’s even a built in Night Light you can set to ON, OFF, or SENSOR, perfect for guiding your way to the bathroom during the night.


What’s more, Electro Sonic Pest Repeller runs safely 24/7 at less than 5 cents per day, significantly cheaper than traditional pest control methods.


It’s safe for the environment, safe for the family and pets, and it immediately gets to work when you plug it in to a power point. Easy. Simple. Effective!


Be a switched-on householder or business owner and put Electro Sonic Pest Repeller to the test today and join the hundreds of satisfied customers.


TIP: One unit is suitable for an apartment or small single storey home. Two units effectively covers larger premises, businesses, and two storey homes.

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